This is a work in progress video and voice piece.

Taking the exploration of the memory and familiarity with built form to a more personal front, this work inserts the human, and the artist, into the frame. In the looped video sequence, my hand feels the material of the flute, capital and ornamental aspects of columns filmed in two cities I currently reside between- New Delhi and Chicago. The way my hand moves through its nooks and engravings visually communicate the texture, strength, scale and feel of the architectural forms.

This work picks up on the histories of appropriation through material, and the presence of my hand aims to bring its form back to the individual’s experience of architecture. How does architecture change the way we perceive and value our built environment, do we identify ourselves differently within unfamiliar structural settings?

This work will keep expanding as new footage will be added to it. 

Capital Formation 
Voice-over text written in collaboration with Cat Bluemke
Video, Voice-Over and Performance
10 minutes video and 10 minutes performance

The work is also a part of a video-performance collaborative piece with Canadian artist Cat Bluemke