Capital Formation is a performance and video work made in collaboration with Cat Bluemke. Cat invites the audience to participate in a subconsciousness-raising mindfulness program bringing up conversations around cultural appropriation, capital and white guilt, in inflatable corinthian columns. After the performance my video work presents an exploration of memory and familiarity with built form, questioning the seduction of ornamentation and its appropriation as an architectural strategy.

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In the looped video sequence, my hand feels the material of the flute, capital and ornamental aspects of columns filmed in two cities I currently reside between- New Delhi and Chicago. The work visually communicates the texture, strength, scale and feel of the architectural forms, and through voice, questions histories of appropriation, the perception of authority demanded by architecture and carried out by contemporary social hierarchies.

Capital Formation In collaboration with Cat BluemkeVideo, Voice-Over and Performance7 minutes video, on loop2017