Selected exhibitions and collaborative projects within a series

Selected Exhibitions:

Selected collaborative projects within a series

Provisional Obstruction (Little Haiti II), Miami, 2022
Provisional Obstruction (Miami Beach), 2021
Provisional Obstruction, postcard on collaboration, Terrain Biennale, Chicago, 2021

"Capital Formation/No Exit Nation" in collaboration with Jyothidas K.V.

Ingredients of Encounters: Recipes of Reciprocations, Van Gogh House, London, 2022

Capital Formation/No Exit Nation, Dimensions Variable, Miami, 2021

Capital Formation/No Exit Nation, Shrine Empire, New Delhi, 2019

"Power Structures" in collaboration with Dr. Jordie Davies (political scientist)

The Monumental Turn: The Marginal (Re)Appropriation of Monument Aesthetics, installation and academic paper, American Studies Association conference, 2022 (upcoming)

Monumental Power, essay, UChicago, 2021

Power Structures: Connotations of the Facade in State Architecture, installation and talk, Chicago, 2017–18