Woven Geographies

This work combines the Hybrid Drawings with my weaving practice using found fabrics- some of which are created in India and others that have been imported to India from around the world. The works resemble tapestries with a layering of histories and contexts embedded within the material and the forms of the negative space which the audience can walk through and around.

Installed at Not In My Name, curated by Sadie Woods, Expo Chicago, presented by SAIC. Text by Saide Woods:

“No you won't be name'n no buildings after me, to go down dilapidated. No you won't be name'n no buildings after me, my name will be mistated, surely” - A.D. 2000, Erykah Badu

Not In My Name queries multiple viewpoints/perspectives on cultural memories and social traditions in the age of institutional oppression and displacement. The lifecycle of monuments, memorials, shrines and relics are built and destroyed, unfolding through photography, video, sculpture, virtual reality, design objects, installation, and interventions. This exhibition is an open dialogue reimagining contemporary life, exploring themes of agency in spacemaking and self-produced stories to create visibility for peripheral communities, from an urban metropolis to the making of global cities. Through this immersive and sensory presentation of works, Not In My Name responds to the complexities and inner workings of the contemporary socio-political landscape.

Woven GeographiesMetal and found cloth, hand woven12 x 8 feet2017
Exhibition History:- September 2017, EXPO Chicago, Chicago, USA