Frayed Continuum

Frayed Continuum is a kinetic sculpture made of fragments of architectural ornaments that contain carved filigrees of a similar aesthetic and embody a dense history of the city's past. Created in Chicago early this year, this work entices conversations about commerce, exchange, time, displacement, and through its movement provides a meditation on location and experience. The mechanism rotates clockwise and anticlockwise at varying speeds, while the ornaments move additionally on their own axis, on a coded dance that creates caresses, soft collisions and occasional disruptions. Over time, the ornaments begin to alter one another, accumulating an amalgamated debris on the floor of the piece.

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Frayed Continuum201812 x 4 x 4 feetSteel, wood, DC motor, ArduinoArchitectural ornamentation purchased in New DelhiArchitectural ornamentation purchased in ChicagoBoth circa 90 years oldExhibition History:- April to May 2018, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL, USA