Hybrid Drawings

Hybrid Drawings (2016- ongoing) are sculptural translations derived from sketches of imagined structures that draw on motifs from Gothic, Indo-Saracenic, Victorian, Mughal and brutalist styles, to name a few. Each form points toward histories of the movement of peoples via an appropriation of regional architectural forms, combining markers of kingdoms, colonies and the local that exist today. The works are site-specific and play on the memory of the built environment. They present a unification of the transcultural identity, against the current wave of puritan ideologies, that references various histories, geographies and cultures.

Selected Press

Hyperallergic, September 2019; Domus, November 2017; The Hindu, September 2017; This is Tomorrow, September 2017; Live Mint, September 2017; Architectural Digest, August 2017; Indian Express, July 2016

Hybrid DrawingsWrought iron9 feet height x width variable2016Installed at 'As You Can See', Exhibit320, New Delhi, India
Hybrid DrawingsWrought iron9 feet height x width variable2017Installed at 'Windows', Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai, India
Hybrid DrawingsWrought iron (1 in. rod)9 feet height x width variable2017Installed at 'Occasional Geometries', Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK
Hybrid Drawings and (Warp)Wrought iron9 feet height x width variable2018Installed at the Jaipur Sculpture Park, Madhavendra Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Hybrid Drawings (Warp)Wrought iron9 x 7 x 3 feet2018Installed at the India Art Fair, at Shrine Empire, New Delhi, India
Exhibition History:- December 2018 to November 2019, Jaipur Sculpture Park, Nahargarh Fort, Rajasthan, India- February 2019, India Art Fair with Shrine Empire, New Delhi, India- October 2018, The India Story, Calcutta, India- August 2017, Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai, India- July 2017, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Leeds, UK- August 2016, Ehibit320, New Delhi, India