Frayed Continuum, Pendulum

Frayed Continuum is a kinetic sculpture made of two discarded fragments of architecture, hanging on a pendulum mechanism. One element that contains traditional ornamentation and the other that references the ‘western’ ideals that began influencing ornamentation in India post-colonization. Hanging on a pendulum mechanism, both ornaments rotate freely on their own axis and are partly constrained by the movement coded into the mechanism that creates occasional disruptions and collisions. The pendulums movements layer and collapse time and histories, resulting in an alteration or erasure caused in the present, evidenced by the residue on the floor of the work.

View other iterations in this series: Frayed Continuum, Chicago (2018)

Frayed Continuum, Pendulumsteel, wood, DC motors, arduino, anddiscarded architectural ornaments purchased in New Delhi9 x 12 x 5 ft2019

Exhibition History:- August - September 2019, Shrine Empire, New Delhi, India