As we begin to increase our reliance on easy-to-use electronic devices- “Hey Siri”, “Alexa”, “OK Google”- the work Invasive Apparatuses looks at the construction of invisible topologies of digital informational hierarchies that feed-on our everyday lives. Are our ‘personal’ electronics redefining progress and privacy as paradoxes of one another? The virtual-reality experience reveals the obscure to question our new shared understanding of domestic environments through systems that are no longer limited to human vision and tactile interactions. In an era dominated by surveillance capitalism, who is the benefactor? Who is the commodity?

Invasive Apparatuses2018Made in collaboration with Vineet Kamboj HT Vive headset, computer, confined space and a sofaDuration: 4 minutes
Exhibition History:Pheonix Mall, Chennai, IN, December 2109 - July 2020 Bajaj Gallery, Mumbai, IN, December 2018 - March 2019