Ayesha Singh's practice subverts socio-political hierarchies and highlights the assertion of established systems of power in architecture. Video, sculpture, installation, performance and drawings create sites of discourse and record, to question the assumed permanence of buildings and the histories omitted during construction, restoration and destruction. Singh has exhibited solo and group shows at art foundations, sculpture parks, at various not-for-profit, commercial, and university galleries, apartment exhibitions, and through collaborative or self-directed public projects; often inviting audiences, peers and passers-by to participate and exchange critical dialogue.

In a country with little to no governmental or institutional support for the arts and with limited opportunities, Singh is determined to create spaces for community interaction, alternative methods of knowledge-sharing, and guidance. Started during lockdown in 2020, Art Chain India is therefore driven by the potential for localized assistances and commonalities to create global solidarities within artist communities, to challenge opacities within which systemic hierarchies thrive. It is a movement that seeks to exist beyond the uncertainties of today, to cultivate a politics of autonomy and collaboration, and to decenter conversation, economy and resources.