Ayesha Singh's practice involves subversive actions that highlight existing socio-political hierarchies and the assertion of established systems of power in architecture. Her research is contextualized within the continuities of colonial monuments and presence of contemporary empires, capitalist as well as political. Through critical spatial interventions that emphasize collaboration and coexistence, the works aim to counter established narratives to unpack layers of architectural decisions induced by the authority of states, and by the voluntary and involuntary displacement of people. Through drawing, kinetic mechanics, participatory performances, photography, public installations, sculpture and video, the works create sites of discourse and record, to question the assumed permanence of buildings and the histories omitted during construction, restoration and destruction.

Singh is a co-founder of Art Chain India, a peer-support movement for visual artists living and working in the subcontinent that creates spaces for community interaction to cultivate a politics of autonomy and collaboration, and to decenter conversation, economy, and resources in the arts.