Selected Reviews, Interviews and Press

SELECTED REVIEWS of exhibitions and projects

2019 Art India Magazine, Cracks in the Wall, Adwait Singh, review of solo exhibition titled “It Was Never Concrete” at Shrine Empire New Delhi, December Issue

2020 Ben Uri Museum, The Empire Strikes Back?: Making Britain Browner, Dr Zehra Jumabhoy, Catalog essay for exhibition 'Midnight's Children: 70 years of Indian Artists in Britain,’ London, UK, August

2019 Burnaway, Obstructing Speculative Futures in Little Haiti, Jameson Paige, December 8

2017 Domus, Through the Aperture, Iftikhar Dadi, November Issue

2019 Hyperallergic, India’s First Contemporary Sculpture Park, Hakim Bishara, September 5


2019 The Hindu newspaper, Contemporary artist Ayesha Singh’s architectural lens, interview by Percy Bharucha, September 28

2019 Public Parking, Hanging on a Pendulum: Ayesha Singh’s Notes on New Delhi, interview by Noor Bhangu, October 30

2020 The Terrene, Growth in the Art Community, interview with Srishti Jindal, July 20

SELECTED PRESS about Art Chain India

2020 The Patriot, Demystifying Art, Proma Chakraborty, May 29

2020 The New Indian Express, Earn And Help Others Earn, Bhumika Popli, May 24

2020 New Indian Express, Ching a New Path, Monika Monalisa, June 27 2020