Continuous Coexistences is a continuation of the series titled "Hybrid Drawings". It considers the way the architecture of our cities evidence layers of time, cultures, histories that a space has experienced and that we, as occupants of these spaces, inherit. Formally, the work embodies the idea of a drawing in space. Altering something that we usually view and encounter two-dimensionally- such as a drawing, here as a sculptural installation that can be experienced by the entire body of the viewer, that changes shape and collapses onto itself when seen from different perspectives.

The work photographed here, was installed at the inaugural edition of the Sculpture Park at CEPT University in collaboration with the Gujral Foundation. Along with references to Ahmedabad’s architecture, Continuous Coexistences amalgamates the memory of and familiarity through forms of architecture from around the country. At a time of puritan politics, this is perhaps the right temporality to bring about a conversation about coexistence.

Continuous CoexistencesMild steel11 feet height, variable dimensions2019

In order of appearance:Installed at 'The Idea of the Acrobat', Bikaner House, presented by Nature Morte, New Delhi, India 2020Installed at inaugural edition of the Sculpture Park, CEPT University, presented by the Gujral Foundation, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, 2019