"Continuous Coexistences II is an extension of the ongoing series titled Hybrid Drawings, which are site-specific outdoor sculptures. These sculptures allow for the viewer to experience a drawing as a physical installation. The works act as invitations to step inside and see it from different angles and happen upon surprising shapes.

In this work, Singh physically draws into the space using moulded and manipulated metal frames to define a layout. The curvy, curly and clinical lines of Continuous Coexistences II are based on research of the many architectural styles that influence Bangalore’s buildings. The city’s rich history is glimpsed through hints of the Victorian, Mughal, Indo-Saracenic, Modernist and other construction techniques translated into this stainless steel sculpture. The work plays on the collective memories of built sites to present a structure that blends and brings together all of these references and relationships." text by MAP

Continuous Coexistences, 2021-2022, created for the inaugural permanent terrace commission at Museum of Art and Photography (MAP), Bengaluru, India.