These are work in progress screenshots, as process and displayed as conversation. Along with the first prototype of the work as a sculpture below:

In Skewed Histories, the use of architecture is simultaneously conditioned by the ambitions of architectural design of historical buildings "and contemporary historiographical revisions. Singh has amalgamated historical fragments, present memories, and future objects of nostalgia to build these imaginary monuments"...."Melancholy has become one with the architectural ornaments, pieced together through forms of colonization, resistance, and entanglement, now made endangered for carrying a history that is no longer desirable in the making of a national identity." 

Text by Noor Bhangu, for "Ornamenting Relations" at Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto

The works stem from the phrase 'anticipated nostalgia', a new term in psychology that refers to viewing the present through a lense of nostalgia or loss, experiencing a sadness in the now as though it is already past. More about this and its contextual grounding can be found on the text written by Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi for "Fragments of Anticipated Nostalgia" solo project shown between 25th June - 18th September 2022. 

First iteration of Skewed Histories as a possible sculpture: