"Can a door speak to the sky? Can barbwires speak to the land?

Can the demolished city ever speak to the complete plan?

Do the cartographies of our lives eventually exist as dust or as loom or as languages?

Do mirrors only like speaking to light?

Are maps, always, invincible squares? Or do they quiver sometimes?"

"Ayesha Singh and Abhimanyu Dalal come together to create a syntagmatic sequence of languages, materiality and light in their collaborative work. Ayesha has diligently identified over a 100 languages with written scripts and included alphabets from recently developed scripts by enmeshing these with older scripts. 

Ayesha and Abhimanyu’s installation of an inversed pyramid generates a room of spoken words, floating through the light and attacking the favorability of the written over the spoken. Arabic, Brahmi, Devanagari, Bodo, Khasi, English and many other languages refract and generate new encounters of the spoken and the written. It is as if the words begin to speak, as one walks through the installation, swirling sometimes gibberish, sometimes sensibilities, meanings and codes about the world around us. How does one work with the spoken, when it has no written?"

Excerpts from text by Sarovar Zaidi.

inversion, incision, immaterialitycollaborative work with architect Abhimanyu Dalalpanels and light9 x 10 x 10 feet (made to fit the room)2021

Exhibition History:Installed at 'Spatial Dialogues', Shrine Empire, New Delhi, India, 2021
Selected Press:Delhi: Artists, architects and artisans come together for a show on ideas and scale, Architectural Digest India, April 19