The Hybrid Amalgamation series are drawings for possible totemic structures that combine elements of a city’s architecture from various cultures, religions and times. Layered onto one another, some of the works reference spaces that the visitors, citizens or city dwellers are not allowed to enter without prior permission or an application process; though the buildings may be those that define a city’s history, induce familiarity, are mostly immediately recognisable or are considered monuments. Fragmenting spaces in Delhi and Mumbai, these series reference the context within which they are installed through the architectural history of the city they are exhibited at.   

The works in 2020 also begin to present moments of reformation through the construction, restoration and destruction of architecture, and through it the lives, stories and agency of people.⁣ The works delve into present multiplicities and conflicting narratives that exist in simultaneity, not through the linear idea of time, but its ability to collapse and flatten into one another through graphite on paper.


Hybrid Amalgamations, Delhi  and MumbaiGraphite on paper24 x 18 inches and 22 x 28.5 inches, 2019-2130 x 22 inches, 2023
Exhibition history:Monumental Turns, Nature Morte, New Delhi, India 2023Maximum Minimum, Artissima via Nature Morte, Turin, ItalyWithin Contradiction, Nature Morte, New Delhi, 2021In Touch Edition 2, Nature Morte, New Delhi, India 2020In Touch, Nature Morte, New Delhi, India 2020India Art Fair, presented by Shrine Empire, New Delhi, India 2020It was Never Concrete, Shrine Empire, New Delhi, India 2019Ghost Lines, Mumbai Art Room, Mumbai, India, 2017

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