Ghost Lines, Solo Show, Mumbai Art Room

December 14 2017 - February 28 2018

Curatoria text by Reha Sodhi:

Mumbai is a dynamic, ever-evolving city that weaves the linguistic, cultural and regional identities of its inhabitants into a heterogeneous, multi-cultural fabric of the city. It can also be seen as a living entity that constantly adapts, evolves and synthesizes these identities to create new practices and expressions.

Within this rapidly growing entity lie gems of historical architectural, where time pauses. Mumbai displays a multitude of European styles with many eras amply represented, including Neo-Classical, Victorian and Gothic styles of architecture, along with hybrid architecture such as Bombay Gothic, Indo-Saracenic and Deco-Saracenic. These new forms emerged as a combination of different architectural styles improvised by local architects and craftsman to suit Mumbai’s climate, resources and sensibilities. The exhibition Ghost Lines re-looks into the details of architectural forms that contain the city's past and trigger personal and collective memories through the lens of Delhi-based artist Ayesha Singh.

Ayesha’s interest in post-colonial architecture reveals a study of buildings constructed with appropriated features and fragments. In this exhibition she focuses on columns seen in Mumbai. The artist uses different mediums – photography, drawing, sculpture and video – to respond to notions of time, space, history, identity and aspiration in quotidian architectural forms. Through the minimal use of line, she introduces reconfigured columns within the gallery that create an architectural and spatial experience animated by the viewer’s movement. By amalgamating ornamental fragments from Mumbai's rich heritage architecture and incorporating facets of well-known structures in one composition, Ayesha re-imagines them through new perspectives.

Works exhibited:

Material Constructs

Selected Press:New Ways of Seeing Invisible Histories, The Hindu, January 20 2017