Capital Formation

Taking the exploration of the memory and familiarity with built form to a more personal front, this work inserts the human, and the artist, into the frame to question the seduction of ornamentation and its appropriation as an architectural strategy. In the looped video sequence, my hand feels the material of the flute, capital and ornamental aspects of columns filmed in two cities I currently reside between- New Delhi and Chicago. The work visually communicates the texture, strength, scale and feel of the architectural forms, and through voice, questions histories of appropriation, the perception of authority demanded by architecture and carried out by contemporary social hierarchies.

Capital Formation Voice-over text written in collaboration with Cat BluemkeVideo, Voice-Over and Performance7 minutes video, on loop2017
The work "Capital Formation" is also a part of a video-performance collaborative piece, with Canadian artist Cat Bluemke.
Exhibition History:- May 2018, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL, USA- December 2017- February 2018, Mumbai Art Room, Mumbai, India- November 2017, Links Hall, Chicago, USA