Capital Formation/No Exit Nation

Capital Formation/No Exit Nation is a collaborative project with Jyothidas K.V., consisting of a performance of poetic responses and ephemera for the audience to take out into the city, at my solo show titled "It Was Never Concrete" at Shrine Empire Gallery, New Delhi, India. August 22 - October 8, 2019

The work consists of a performance of the text from Capital Formation with Jyothidas K.V.'s poetic responses from his text titled No Exit Nation. The transcript of which was available on newsprint in three languages that are used on all public and road signs in New Delhi- English, Hindi and Urdu . The prompt reads “these posters are here for the audience to carry ideas that emerge in this exhibition back to the city that informs them. Please take as many as you like and put them up in spaces either public or private that are in conversation with the text.”


Art India Magazine, December 2019

Public Parking, October 31st 2019

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Capital Formation/No Exit NationEphemera and promptText conceived in collaboration with Cat Bluemke and Jyothidas K.V.Newsprints 22 x 33 inches2019
Exhibition History:- August 2019, Shrine Empire gallery, New Delhi, India