Capital Formation, Projections is a series of sixteen images that capture the action of projecting text in public spaces in New Delhi, India. The works question the creation of hierarchy through architecture as symbols that connote power, methods of contemporary empire-formation by the state, reliance on neo-colonial systems that pervade our daily lives and experience of the city through technology under the aegis of globalization. Through text and images, the projection work relates the many concerns of my practice back to my home town. The gorilla graffiti act of writing with light, albeit transient, is here encapsulated through photography.

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This page consists of seven of the sixteen works in this series. Please reach out to the artist at to view the entire work.
In order of occurrence, spaces where the images were taken:1. Humayun's Tomb2. My childhood home3. Red Fort4. A pile of bricks at a construction site5. GK M-block market6. Rashtrapati Bhavan7. On corrugated steel at a construction site
Capital Formation, ProjectionsProjected text in public spacesText conceived in collaboration with Cat BluemkeDigital prints Size of available wall space2019PressArt India, December 2019Public Parking, October 2019