A gathering at Van Gogh House

Ingredients of Encounters

27th January, at 4:00 pm

87 Hackford Road, SW9 0RE

As a key to your participation, we urge you to bring an “ingredient” to the gathering. An ingredient can be anything edible (or not), or any object, or material with which you already have a story or would like to create one. 

As a continuation of a series of participatory performance gatherings hosted in collaboration with Jyothidas K.V., this work was arrived at after two former gatherings hosted on 30th and 31st July 2022 titled "Recipoems: Trails of Reciprocity" at Myatt's Field Park and "Carefully Attend" at Van Gogh House, which can be viewed here. This series of works have been conceived and developed as part of the Van Gogh House residency, supported by Minerva Search.


Can institutions be imagined to be spread across time and place, as ideas waiting for people to inhabit?

Can we meet as recipes welcoming interpretations? 

Can we wed our tongues in the residue of maritime powers,

Of distances traveled

Of familiar unknowns?

“Order of Things”

Stage 1:

4:00 pm

People come in. Are guided towards the parlour for depositing coats.

At the table, they fill-in the consent form, deposit their ingredients in the paper bag.

After depositing, they can walk into the kitchen and find a seat. 

Stage 2:

4:20 pm

Jyothi gathers all the deposited ingredients into a bundle. (If the weather permits, through the window from the parlour into the kitchen)

Performance begins with the disclosing of ingredients

Followed by reading of a text with Ayesha (who will be on the phone from the start of stage 2)

Once the text is finished, Food will be served

Earlier works in this series:

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Ingredients of Encounters, Van Gogh House and Myatt's Field Park, London, 2022

Capital Formation/No Exit Nation, Dimensions Variable, Miami, 2021

Capital Formation/No Exit Nation, Shrine Empire, New Delhi, 2019

Thank you for the images Anna Bromwich, Erin Li and Seetharam Vallabhaneni