A gathering at KNMA, New Delhi. 

Ingredients of Encounters

26 May 2023, 4-6 pm

This is a continuation of a series of collaborative participatory performance gathering, a site-making/marking exercises conceived and hosted in collaboration with Jyothidas K.V. It involves writing, pouring, burying, connecting, collective gestures, and making happenstances concrete. Taking off from the form of the workshop, this exercise relies on the connections that emerge during the gathering to unpack the ingredients of everyday encounters in the urban sphere. 

As a key to your participation, we urged each participant to bring an “ingredient” to the gathering. An ingredient can be anything edible (or not), or any object, or material with which they already have a story or would like to create one.

Earlier works in this series:

Ingredients of Encounters, Van Gogh House, London, 2023

Ingredients of Encounters, Van Gogh House and Myatt's Field Park, London, 2022

Capital Formation/No Exit Nation, Dimensions Variable, Miami, 2021

Capital Formation/No Exit Nation, Shrine Empire, New Delhi, 2019

The concrete map with peoples ingredients and associative words that left an impression on it: