A compartmentalisation exercise to see how different acts over various years, within different cities, communities, contexts, start to build the evolution of initial ideas. For the site visitor this is an alternative way to view the practice. 

2. Facade through photography: appropriation, alternative possibilities, re-construction via image, image as portal and the construction of social ideals via ornamentation

3. Collaboration with architect Abhimanyu Dalal: all this through understanding power hierarchies through visual signs and hybridity via language, potential to create multilingual words, India specific

4. Capital Formation and collaboration with Jyothidas K.V.: transience, participatory, projection, history, our own identities in relation to a site

5. Frayed: conflict, erasure and amnesia via machine

6. Collaboration with misael soto: gentrification, subversion, interviews, community interaction and collaboration, expanding the facade

7. Collaboration with political scientist Dr Davies: monument and monumental power, ways to expand language

8. State apparatus: altered histories and the construction of national identity via architecture